Wood is the building material that blends perfectly with the residential environment, with modern or traditional architectures. It is the most suitable material for the construction of eco - energy windows for excellent thermal and sound insulation. Τhe modern technological methods by which the wooden eco-energy windows are produced ensure their excellent quality, high level of energy saving and their durability over time. The energy efficiency of your property depends largely on the window frames. With the modern energy wooden frames of EXPA SA energy saving is combined with the high aesthetics of natural Wood.


Correct selection and process or raw materials. The woodwork is made either of central Europe Oak, or Indonesean Meranti, dried bellow 11 degrees at the drying sheds of EXPA.
The laminated wood is selected and manufactured by EXPA, glued horizontally and vertically, with high-tech, waterproof German glues.
For the flat surfaces (panels, laminated street doors, shutters), we use high quality sea-resistant plywood from the “Mourikis” company, while for laminated inside doors we use high density MDF.


Our specialized woodwork is a result of long-term know-how, which is applied by the most modern digital machinery of maximum precision, with the most reinforced cross-sections in the market.
The cross-section of windows and balcony-doors is 68x120mm. The connection between the vertical beams and the horizontal ones is done with mortise and tennon.
The reinforced cross-section of 120mm. allows the mounting of the shutters on the same frame and provides space for the installation of an upwards sliding mosquito screen, whenever required by the customer.
The cross-section of the glass unit is 80x75mm. The connection between the vertical and the horizontal beams is done with mortise and tennon. The 75mm. cross-section allows for double perimetric rubbers and a 26mm. thick glass pane.
The cross-section of laminated shutters is 35x75mm. the connection of the jamb is bone with wood bolts from the inside so as to avoid inflow of water in the connection. The uniform shutters are made of 35mm. sea-resistant plywood from the “Mourikis” company.
The cross-section of the street doors’ frame is 70x87mm.
The connection between the vertical and the horizontal beams is done with wooden bolts 16mm. The street doors are 50 or 60mm. thick. The cross section of the frame of the laminated street doors is 130 x 50 or 60mm.
The 180 x 50 or 60mm vertical beams on the bottom are reinforced. The connections are done with 16mm. wooden bolts inwards. The panels are made of 36 - 35mm. thick sea – resistant plywood. The laminated doors are made of 8mm. thick sea – resistant plywood per plate, laminated on a hard wooden frame (Oak or Meranti) with a cross – section of x 120, filled with white timber.
The solid inside doors are framed with 50mm. thick panels, while the laminated ones, with 8mm. MDF plates in a frame of white timber, filled with sound-insulating paper-honeycomb shape with an engraved design of the customer’s choice.
The ground frames are made of plywood or white timber, and are painted.
The decorative window-sills are made of solid wood (Oak or Meranti, 45 x 13mm.)


On the glass units we install the best mechanism on the market, Maco -TRICOAT, Germany, which has been tested in German laboratories for more than 60.000 openings, with a special metal coating on the surface, painted in a tint of stainless silver, rust-resistant colour.
On the shutters the hinges, the metal bars and the semi-automatic wind stoppers (a patent of EXPA, which is fitted on the shutter) are stainless.
The safety locks on the 50mm. thick doors are from AGB, Italy and on the 60mm. doors are from KFV, Germany, with triple locking points, and two revolving tongues.
Grilles and iron bars on doors and skylights are made of stainless steel, whereas traditional square grills are galvanized. The door hinges are from ANUBA – Germany, cast in the ridge with supports made of Teflon, which do not require maintenance.
On heavy doors and on those of 60mm. thickness we install ANUBA Triplex heavy type hinges, which are adjustable in three dimensions and fulfill the requirements, set for PUBLIC buildings in Germany.


Processing of all surfaces is done according to the high standard of Polistuc colour company (Sirca group) Italy in a specially air-conditioned area with ecological acrylic water– colours in RAL shades of external use standards. The quality of the paint has begun with the study and design of the cutting tools for the profiles (especially designed for EXPA), and continues daily with the use of ultra sharp knives, in order to make the primary surface a secure base for the paint. The painting process consists of the following stages:

Meticulous finishing by hand, which begins with each peace of wood separately, and is completed with the glued doors and windows.

Dipping of doors and windows in a mixture of first coat and fungicide.

First coating with paint, quality inspection, and enhancement of the surface is required.

Final coating with paint.


The glass panels are energy certified Ug 1.1 W/(m2.K)
There are reinforced with a thickness of 27mm arranged (4-18Argon-5).
Ability to select and other devices up to 36mm thick depending on customer requirements.
Perimetrically on the ridge we install sound-proof sponge, and make it water – tight with high-standard German silicone.


Windows and balcony doors have perimetric double thermoplastic reinforced rubbers made in Germany. The holes in the water traps, carry a protective embossed plate, which prevents them from being blocked by insects.
The street doors have a perimetric rubber on the frame, while at the bottom we install water and wind stoppers made of alluminium bars on which the unit is fitted means of a special wide rubber. The 60mm. doors have double rubbers.
At the bottom of the street doors a water repellent is installed.


The EXPA doors and windows are assembled and tested in the factory and are delivered finished at the building, after that has been painted.
Usually, painted ground frames have been installed beforehand by EXPA. The doors and windows are fastened perimetrically with screws on the ground frames in a way which does not spoil their aesthetics.
The sealing of the joint between the frame and the plaster work is done with high-standard elastic, acrylic German putty. Internally we install decorative ledges which are maintained on the frame in a way which, again does not spoil their aesthetics.


After installation EXPA and our specialized personnel will always be at your disposal to readily offer our services consistently and promptly.


Doors and windows made of Oak come with a twelve – year warranty, while those made of Meranti come with a ten-year warranty. The Maco Mechanisms are warranted for ten years and the paint is warranted for five years.


If you would like to speak to one of our experts about your project, or arrange an appointment to visit our showroom,
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